Building my Prusa Mendel

I decided to build the Prusa in October.

It will run on a RAMPS 1.4 with Sprinter.

RAMPS 1.4 with Sprinter and 4 Pololu stepper drivers, ready to use

There are several customizations I planned to implement. Here's a quick list for the plastic parts:
Already printed parts:
Still todo:
As of today the frame and Y-axis is mounted and mechanically tested

Frame with adjusted Y-axis
Y-carriage mounted

The stepper pictured above is a Nanotech, which I got several from eBay for cheap. Mounting the molded pulleys made from acetate is a breeze with these motors. The motor got a M4 threaded hollow shaft. The pulley got a 3.5mm center bore. So I cut a M4 thread into the pulley and crewed it to an M4 threaded rod that is countered by a nut on the opposite side of the motor. Easy going.

Since I forgot to print the LM8UU holders for the Y-carriage, I measured the rod position precisely and drilled 5mm holes into the carriage to hold the linear bearings with zip-ties. Works like a charm.

As you can see there's only one Z motor mount installed. The next part I'll print is the second Z mount. The the spindle couplings, the X-ends, the carriage (in this order).