Slides from my talk at Webmontag Frankfurt (Hannah's Bed)

Here are my slides from Webmontag 40 in Frankfurt (PDF in German, more pictures than text, though).
Thanks to all who attended, all interested and interesting people.
I am looking forward to seeing your remixes and ideas!



Yay, Hannah's bed is featured on Thingiverse!

Große Freude! ;)

BTW, I'll cover the process of designing and building it in a short talk at Webmontag Frankfurt #wmfra40 (tomorrow).


Rolladenstopper (rolling shutter stop)

The stoppers on one of our rolling shutters broke this morning.
So, what's better to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than designing and printing replacement parts to repair household items?

As usual, the sources are in the GIT repository and the part is published on Thingiverse.

A few impressions:
finished parts with mounting kit

look ma, I fixed it... ;-)