Bed: Mattress Frame Holder

I don't want the kids to get injured by the metal parts holding the bed frame, so I designed a plastic cap covering the bare metals parts that are mounted under the bed. Will print ten of them on the weekend. OpenSCAD files are in the repo.

Mattress frame holder


Bed: Built

The bed is built – my kids are happy.
There's one more thing I need to do: adding some bumper around the metal brackets holding the mattress frame. There's a construction in the repo, it's currently printing.

last touches

happy "customers" ;-)


Bed: sanding, painting

Today I sanded all wooden parts. I painted all parts with oil emulsion, thus no solvents in Hannah's room. The wood will be in accordance to DIN EN 71 part 3, resilient to water, saliva and sweat – just like high-quality wooden toys are produced. I think my neightbors just love me, just after sanding for about 6 hours. ;-) Metal parts come in on Tuesday, if everything works out ok...

FWIW, some of the measuerements were wrong. I'll upload a corrected BOM tomorrow to the GIT repo.

Tools of the trade: Rotex and the mickey mouse



Time to clean up




Rapid Bed Prototyping

After creating the design in OpenSCAD, it's "Rapid Bed Prototyping" time.
I decided to create the measurements for the holes by hand on paper, so these are included lateron as photo. Thanks to my friend Werner who gave me his expert advice on woodworking, cut piece after piece of wood precisely on the table saw and let me use his workshop and tools for drilling and fitting!

wood material

after sawing

construction including hole positions and dieameters


Table drill: hacked for performance

10mm dia holes for the M10 bolts, 13mm dia holes for the nuts

The lower piece of wood is the guide for positioning the holes


Proof-of-concept of the 3D-connection

Several hours later: success!

Coming up next: sanding, glazing (tomorrow), installing metal parts (probably tuesday).


New bed for Hannah

I designed a new bed for my daughter, Hannah.
Plan (OpenSCAD) and BOM are in my household items GIT repo.