Repairing Humminbird Smartcast RF15e Fish Finder

Humminbird "Advanced RSS" Sonar modules got a CR2032 battery inside, just in case you need to repair one.

The case is sealed by ultrasonic, so you need to cut the plastic with a sharp knife and glue the case shut when done.

The water sensor terminals need to be de-soldered
It's pretty easy, once opened.
Glued together


Mach es jetzt.

Lass dich fallen.
Lerne Schnecken zu beobachten.
Pflanze unmögliche Gärten.
Lade jemand Gefährlichen zum Tee ein.
Mache kleine Zeichen, die “Ja” sagen
und verteile sie überall in deinem Haus.
Werde ein Freund von Freiheit und Unsicherheit.
Freue dich auf Träume.
Weine bei Kinofilmen.
Schaukel so hoch du kannst mit einer Schaukel bei Mondlicht.
Pflege verschiedene Stimmungen.
Verweigere “verantwortlich” zu sein. Tu es aus Liebe.
Mach viele Nickerchen.
Gib Geld weiter. Tu es jetzt. Das Geld wird folgen.
Glaube an Zauberei.
Lache viel.
Bade im Mondlicht.
Träume wilde, phantasievolle Träume.
Zeichne auf die Wände.
Lies jeden Tag.
Stell dir vor, du wärst verzaubert.
Kichere mit Kindern.
Höre alten Leuten zu.
Öffne dich, tauche ein, sei frei.
Segne dich selbst.
Lass die Angst fallen.
Spiele mit allem.
Unterhalte das Kind in dir.
Du bist unschuldig.
Baue eine Burg aus Decken.
Werde nass.
Umarme Bäume.
Schreibe Liebesbriefe.

Joseph Beuys “Jeder Mensch ist ein Künstler”


Slides from my talk at Webmontag Frankfurt (Hannah's Bed)

Here are my slides from Webmontag 40 in Frankfurt (PDF in German, more pictures than text, though).
Thanks to all who attended, all interested and interesting people.
I am looking forward to seeing your remixes and ideas!



Yay, Hannah's bed is featured on Thingiverse!

Große Freude! ;)

BTW, I'll cover the process of designing and building it in a short talk at Webmontag Frankfurt #wmfra40 (tomorrow).


Rolladenstopper (rolling shutter stop)

The stoppers on one of our rolling shutters broke this morning.
So, what's better to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon than designing and printing replacement parts to repair household items?

As usual, the sources are in the GIT repository and the part is published on Thingiverse.

A few impressions:
finished parts with mounting kit

look ma, I fixed it... ;-)


Bed: Mattress Frame Holder

I don't want the kids to get injured by the metal parts holding the bed frame, so I designed a plastic cap covering the bare metals parts that are mounted under the bed. Will print ten of them on the weekend. OpenSCAD files are in the repo.

Mattress frame holder


Bed: Built

The bed is built – my kids are happy.
There's one more thing I need to do: adding some bumper around the metal brackets holding the mattress frame. There's a construction in the repo, it's currently printing.

last touches

happy "customers" ;-)


Bed: sanding, painting

Today I sanded all wooden parts. I painted all parts with oil emulsion, thus no solvents in Hannah's room. The wood will be in accordance to DIN EN 71 part 3, resilient to water, saliva and sweat – just like high-quality wooden toys are produced. I think my neightbors just love me, just after sanding for about 6 hours. ;-) Metal parts come in on Tuesday, if everything works out ok...

FWIW, some of the measuerements were wrong. I'll upload a corrected BOM tomorrow to the GIT repo.

Tools of the trade: Rotex and the mickey mouse



Time to clean up




Rapid Bed Prototyping

After creating the design in OpenSCAD, it's "Rapid Bed Prototyping" time.
I decided to create the measurements for the holes by hand on paper, so these are included lateron as photo. Thanks to my friend Werner who gave me his expert advice on woodworking, cut piece after piece of wood precisely on the table saw and let me use his workshop and tools for drilling and fitting!

wood material

after sawing

construction including hole positions and dieameters


Table drill: hacked for performance

10mm dia holes for the M10 bolts, 13mm dia holes for the nuts

The lower piece of wood is the guide for positioning the holes


Proof-of-concept of the 3D-connection

Several hours later: success!

Coming up next: sanding, glazing (tomorrow), installing metal parts (probably tuesday).


New bed for Hannah

I designed a new bed for my daughter, Hannah.
Plan (OpenSCAD) and BOM are in my household items GIT repo.


Opensource Hardware Rocks

Printing some trays of OS hardware key pendants for my son's class in school.


Good-looking Prusa parts!

Excellent bridges. Very small warp on two corners.

Loose screw

Extruder pulley set screew came loose = aborted print. Darn, this one's not mounted with Loctite. Fixed. Printing again...

Print, print, printing along ;)

Results looking good. Printing Prusa parts for 21st of April...

Strange patterns on first layer

I'm getting really funny patterns in solid fill on the first layer that is going onto the glass. Already played with temperature, up to no avail. Any ideas, anyone?

Printing again

Finally: I'm printing, after readjusting the belts and stepper driver current(!) of the Y an Z axis.


Printing Accident

I heard a loud crack after leaving my room for a short while.
Somehow the nozzle got stuck and pushed the glass off the print bed.


Hibernating Zzzz...

I'm still there :)
Much work to do, many a problem to solve.
Updates will follow.


TEDxRheinMain 2012 Gleanings

So, we (Hackerspace FFM) were at TEDxRheinMain, talking about and showing 3D-printing with RepRap printers.

We had a lot of very inspirational and insightful chats and enjoyed it very much. Alas, I could not really follow some of the talks, totally lost in the convention's information overload. Lots of new contacts, 2012 will be an interesting one, to say the least ;-)

Some Impressions at jke, Christian Nielebock's G+, and upcoming the next days on the TEDxRM web site.

The giveaways (keyring pendants) are available for free reproduction


Managing belt vibration (Y-axis)

One of the consequences of installing the the slide bearings is increased vibration of the Y-axis belt. This leads to very interesting but disturbing patterns on the printed pieces. From my experience with the Sells Mendel I designed a parametric belt tensioner to manage belt vibration and tension problems.

If you happen to have vibration on the Y-axis belt, just take some bearing fitting your belt width, pick the corresponding screw, washers and nut, enter the parameters into the SCAD file and print this thing two times. It attaches to the bottom threaded rod in the Prusa Mendel and is held in Place by two M3 screws.

Have fun & successful printing!

Changed LM8UU to slide bearings, FTW

As I already wrote earlier, the cheap LM8UU linear bearings on the Y-axis already wore out after printing some 2.5kg of PLA and I created some nice slide bearings that attach with zip-ties to replace them. Today the linear ball bearings really broke, so I mounted the new bearings to avoid trouble with the smooth rods. FTW. When the sintered bronze bearings wear out I will try Igus bearings. The X-axis also starts to make noise and rattle,... we'll see.


Hollow Circle OpenSCAD example


http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16224 printed on my Prusa Mendel.
Slic3r, Printrun, Marlin, PLA, 0.5mm nozzle.


Filament spool for spindle-less material

I just built a filament spool for material delivered as a ring, without spool. Nicey Cubic Print, go go go!
The center piece turned out to print a lot more slowly than expected, so I made a solid center piece remix.